Bodybuilding, fitness startup diets and Health supplements basics

Set up your fitness journey

Fitness journey

When starting a bodybuilding and gym for our own fitness everyone face the problem of how to start doing work out what to eat what not to eat what to do and what not to do. Before going to gym you must specify your goal what was the main reason for you to entering the gym weather you want to to bodybuilding or just want to look good with basic fitness you must decide you goal before starting so that you know what was your main purpose of entering the Gym. Directing  all of your efforts toward the direction and achieving the best results you can have.

Diet for bodybuilding

While starting bodybuilding one of the most important factor while you are working out is your diet what to eat and what not to eat there are lots of information available on the internet if you start reading you will not be able to define which direction to follow . the basic point that everyone know is protein is the basic need to achieve a good physique but its not only just protein there are lot of other factor that play a major role in shaping up of your body physique like carbs, fats, minerals ,vitamins etc etc. Lets don’t do in too deep and cover the basic need of the body and three important  things that we need to focus protein, fats and carbohydrates that’s all we need to focus while starting workout lets not to go in too deep and start with the next step.

Workout for bodybuilding

Workout is a very important part of starting our fitness journey doing the proper working following the best routine and doing the best you can in the gym following the best schedule and doing the proper form of exercise having the proper form of exercise you do perform. First staring the workout you must firstly focus on learning the proper form of exercise getting the muscle and mind connection I you properly know what to perform you can achieve a good physique that people will admire in 3-4 months just follow the workout plan that your Gym trainer proves and watch videos ho to perform website take help from your trainer and other people that were available around you.

Rest to achieve best

rest to achieve the best

Rest play a very important role in you fitness journey I you are not getting the proper rest you will not fell fresh everyday going to the gym starting your workout having the proper rest you can perform best in the gym . having a sober body .7-8 hours is enough with a proper diet is enough for your body to regain its strength and recover you body in proper form If you a having proper rest and diet you fell fresh and energetic everyday.

Bodybuilding and fitness Start up

Your gloves are on and you are in the ring now it’s all depend upon your hard and time you spend in the gym for an hour forget about everything for an hour or an two and focus on you workout leaving the outside behind an focus on the ring.

Supplements for bodybuilding

When starting bodybuilding and fitness journey you don’t really need any kind of supplements in the starting first you need to be committed toward you goal and be constant on things. You must at least give months  to you workout sessions and learn the basics of diet an workout so that when you start the supplementation you can achieve the best you can. Remember supplements are not any magical thing that make body in just months they are just a support in your diet you don’t really need them you only need them when you have serious bodybuilding goals.

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